About CENDI — Operations and Organization

The effective management and use of STI plays a vital role in advancing the state of scientific knowledge and in technical problem solving. A better understanding of this role and improved cooperation between the management of the scientific and technical enterprise and the management of STI can increase the effectiveness of the R&D process.

CENDI has three major goals to facilitate the management and use of STI:


CENDI's annual work plan focuses on meeting these goals through three work processes:

Currently, there are three additional working groups:


In June 2009, CENDI and the International Council of Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) announced a formal partnership agreement which recognizes the complementary interests and concerns of their memberships. In addition to providing reciprocal membership benefits, the two organizations will explore joint initiatives, and collaborative opportunities that may include workshops/mb eetings, projects, commissioning of white papers, and initiating of best practice and benchmarking research.

In March 2010, the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) officially became a partner of CENDI, to solidify a long and productive working relationship. NFAIS's mission, to advance scholarly, scientific, and professional research by enabling members to examine issues of content, technology, and business models integral to their future success, nicely aligns with CENDI's mission.



Cendi Organization

Updated 08/12/13