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Copyright Issues in Mass Digitization of Works Prepared by or for the U.S. Government (CENDI/2016-1) 


Permissions - Government-Prepared and Non-federal Authored Works:  
Best Practices for U.S. Government Agencies (CENDI/2014-2)


Repository Registries: Characteristics, Issues and Futures  (CENDI/2014-1) 


Harnessing the Power of Digital Data: Taking the Next Steps  (CENDI/2011-1) 
Scientific Data Management (SDM) for Government Agencies: Report from the Workshop to Improve SDM

Bibliography for the Scientific Data Management (SDM) Workshop Report and SDM related references   PDF
Government Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Challenges and Opportunities (CENDI/2009-2)   PDF
Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright and Computer Software - Issues affecting the U.S. Government with Special Emphasis on Open Source Software  (CENDI/2009-1) (Updated October 2010)   PDF
Guide to Distribution Limitation Markings of CENDI Agencies (CENDI/07-3) (Updated February 2009) HTML PDF
Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright (CENDI/2008-1) (updated December 2017) HTML PDF
Formats for Digital Preservation: A Review of Alternatives and Issues (CENDI/2006-1)(updated 01 March 2007)
— This article has also been published as Formats for Digital Preservation: A review of alternatives and issues. By: Hodge, Gail; Anderson, Nikkia.  Information Services & Use, 2007, Vol. 27 Issue 1/2, p45-63, 19p
Don't Keep the Public Guessing: Best Practices in Notice of Copyright and Terms & Conditions of Use for Government Website Content (CENDI/2004-4) HTML PDF
Digital Preservation and Permanent Access to Scientific Information: The State of the Practice (CENDI/2004-3) HTML PDF
Persistent Identification: A Key Component of an E-Government Infrastructure (CENDI/2004-2) HTML PDF
License Agreements for Electronic Products and Services: Frequently Asked Questions (CENDI/2001-3) HTML PDF
Evaluating Our Web Presence: Challenges, Metrics, Results (CENDI/2001-2) HTML PDF
Web Metrics and Evaluation: Current State of Implementation Among the CENDI Agencies (CENDI/2000-2) HTML PDF
CENDI Guidelines for Privacy of Customer Information (CENDI/2000-1) HTML PDF
Technical Impacts of the Closing of NTIS
CENDI input from 10 Member Executive Branch Agencies (January 2000)
Highlights of the User Education Working Group Helpdesk Tours. May 1998 and February 1999 HTML  
CENDI Digital Library Initiatives: Toward a Digital Future (CENDI/1998-4) HTML PDF
CENDI Metadata Initiatives: Beyond the Bibliographic Record (CENDI/1998-3) HTML PDF
CENDI Agency Indexing System Descriptions: A Baseline Report (CENDI/1998-2) HTML PDF
Web Metrics Among the CENDI Agencies: Collection and Analysis (CENDI/1998-1) HTML PDF
CENDI Cost Study (CENDI/97-3)
(includes The Changing R&D Information Economy in the Digital Age, a report prepared by Robert Ubell, and CENDI's Making the Transition to a Digital Information Environment)
Impact Of the Internet on Customer Service and Product Development Among the CENDI Agencies (CENDI/97-2) HTML PDF
The Imaging of Legacy Collections Among the CENDI Agencies (CENDI/97-1) HTML PDF
CENDI Analysis of Scanning/Optical Character Recognition Position Descriptions (CENDI/96-3) HTML PDF
Guideline for the Exchange of Images among CENDI Agencies (CENDI/96-2) HTML PDF
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